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Delta U-Clean kit

Ref : 1556

The U-Clean kit consists of:

  • A U-Clean holder (35x5x5x5,8cm)
  • A U-Clean holder washing band, particularly adapted to the “U” shape of the holder
  • A Scrub & Wipe mop

The “U clean” support is molded in the shape of a “U”, comes in a small size (35X5X5X5.8cm) to minimize its size and allow it to get into every nook and cranny. It has four soft rubber grommet eyelets to attach a mop or any other textile.

Two velcro strips are positioned on each side of the support, allowing the washing band strip to be fixed to it, shaped in the same way so as to guarantee increased efficiency.


Finally, the central external scraper, made of reinforced non-abrasive rubber, is positioned along the entire length of the support; it offers several possible uses:

  • On its own: it acts as a very practical squeegee to unite stubborn dirt or liquids back to a central point before being soaked up according to the chosen fabric
  • Coupled with a textile: it removes residual dirt from tile joints, for example (it can also be used on its own for the same function, as rubber has a very scrubbing effect on the joints, the choice of use with or without a textile depends on the amount of dirt of the joints)

The kit is sold without a handle. All Delta Microfibre handles are combinable with the bracket included in the kit. Also available with an included super absorbent band.




For which sectors?

  • Cleaning company / Industry
  • Community
  • Health
  • Hotel & restaurant


Plaquette Kit U-Clean

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